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Intel Not only has Intel teamed up TSMC to produce Atom CPUs, the company has also unveiled four Atom chips that will go into devices such as entertainment systems for cars, videoconferencing devices, robots and interactive kiosks. "The Z500-series Atom processors are integrated chips the size of a penny that draw little power and do not require fans to operate. The chips draw 2.5 watts of power or less and run at speeds of between 1.10GHz and 1.6GHz. They offer integrated 2D and 3D graphics and will be manufactured using Intel's existing 45-nanometer process."
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RE[2]: Nvidia's out
by kaiwai on Wed 4th Mar 2009 03:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Nvidia's out"
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Oh my... You're saying that ION doesn't get along with such a processor? Are you sure?

Yeap, that is what he is saying - ignoring the fact that anyone can go down to a Sony Style store today and find that the apparent 'not getting along' between ION and Atom, seem to be getting along well.

Personally I'd like to see the Atom also take the low end PC market as well - I'm tempted that after the great experience I've had with this Atom based laptop that maybe in the future an eee box from ASUS would be a great desktop given that the most cpu intensive stuff I do is compress some music (which the Atom has no problems with).

Oh, and regarding Intel stripping out many features found in their desktop CPU's such as instruction reordering, speculative execution, or register renaming - hopefully what we should see as a result is an emphasis on compilers doing a better job producing nicer code - because lord knows if you produce crap code and try to run it on these sorts of processors, expect to experience pain when it comes to performance. Then again, I've always held the opinion that the CPU's should be suplified gradually as more work is gradually pushed off to the compiler.

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