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Apple Just as everyone suspected, Apple updated its various lines of desktop computers today, bringing speed and performance improvements across the board. Mac Pro, iMac, and the Mac Mini were all upgraded, and especially for the Mini, it was a long time coming. The Mac Pro sees the most changes.
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You have the Mini then, starting at £500. This seems to be an underpowered laptop with no screen or keyboard. Well, probably someone needs such things. With a tiny laptop hard drive in it? Why? Probably they are cycling between their flat in town and their cottage in the country? Or maybe they have tiny desks with no space under it? Or maybe they just feel good walking around with one in their coat pocket?

Wrong again.

Dells Studio mini desktop line is more expensive and has outdated hardware specs.

Dells XPS laptops are the closest in cpu and memory specs and cost 2x the mac mini.

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