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Hardware, Embedded Systems To add to the amounting anecdotes of late, another Acer Aspire One review appears. Not to be confused with Thom's or Eugenia's, which were different models, this review concentrates on the ZG5 version of the Acer Aspire One and how well Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 8.10, and Moblin 2 run on it, particularly in the everyday-netbooker's sense of functionality with word processing and Internet applications. Read on to get the full scoop on the One and these selected systems.
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99% of the times, Vista works as expected when it comes pre-installed in a major brand. So I don't NEED to tweak anything. But with Linux, more often than not (also evidently from the linked by the article Ubuntu-AspireOne help page), you HAVE to tweak it to make it work as expected. So yes, Vista for my next netbook (or just XP). Sorry.

No need to apologise.

It is IMHO a pity that you have decided this. Vista will gobble up many SSDs completely just to be able to run Notepad and Calc.

The next version of Ubuntu (9.04) is due for release at the end of April. That version will have wireless drivers for the AA1 included as native.

I am running Kubuntu 9.04 myself right now. For some reason, I can't say exactly what it is ... but it is a speed freak. Seriously. It is the fastest desktop (on the same machine) that I have ever tried, and I have run quite a few on that particular hardware.

Maybe it is a combination of factors. Maybe they fixed the I/O Wait bug in the kernel. Maybe it is KDE 4.2. Maybe it is Qt4.5 (but I don't think so). Maybe it is the sum of all these ... but seriously, if your machine can run it (and a netbook should easily be able to), Kubuntu 9.04 is going to be super quick by the looks of it.

"I think the first thing I noticed about this release is how stable and fast it is. EXT4 is not the only upgrade that I can credit for its speed, there is something else to blame too. I’m not sure what it is (maybe something in the kernel) but Kubuntu 9.04 is definitely a speed demon on the two machines I put it on. In fact, it’s actually extremely stable too."

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