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Apple Just as everyone suspected, Apple updated its various lines of desktop computers today, bringing speed and performance improvements across the board. Mac Pro, iMac, and the Mac Mini were all upgraded, and especially for the Mini, it was a long time coming. The Mac Pro sees the most changes.
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RE[7]: Tee hee
by akrosdbay on Thu 5th Mar 2009 00:30 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Tee hee"
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The point was exactly that, why most ht enthusiasts go for the Mini over the ATV. Look at the posting I replied to. The point was that Apple would sell more ATVs if they wouldn't artificially cripple it. I don't see how making the ATV a proper media center would kill the Mini, which has a lot of other uses besides an htpc. So, I'm afraid I don't see your point or your objection to mine.

Then you don't see the point of settop boxes. ATV is a set top box.

My Roku netflix player plays netflix and amazon on demand (pretty recent). My Tivo does PVR, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon on demand..etc.My PS3 can play flash, Playstation store content, MP4, DIVX and wma content. None of them offer FLAC or ogg/vorbis support.

ATV is a set top box for Apple's iTunes service.. end of story.

Does you argument apply to Roku, Sony PS3 and Tivo also? or Apple a special sore point for you?

I have the 3 I mentioned above. I don't own an AppleTV.

Your objection is invalid. The mini is lucrative because you can use all those codecs and much more. It also has more processing juice for 1080p content than the ATV.

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