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X11, Window Managers Plymouth is a project to create a flicker free graphical bootup system designed and developed by Red Hat and included in Fedora 10. Red Hat has been working on Xorg drivers and within the Linux kernel to improve and enhance the kernel mode support needed for Plymouth. Fedora 10 included support for many ATI cards and this is being developed further in Fedora 11 to cover Intel and Nvidia cards as well. Plymouth supports a flexible and powerful plug-in system which can be used to create Plymouth themes. Fedora includes several of them including a simple progress bar and the solar plugin. Now additional work is being done to improve many things and this will land up in Fedora 11 as well.
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I don't think it's totally offtopic. Reminding people that they are working in the wrong direction is not exactly offtopic, it's related.

And although I defend and agree with the F/OSS idea of "if you don't like it, submit a patch", I know that's not always possible, so when you can't do it you should at least express your ideas and feelings about something so others might pick it up if they agree with it.

People like to throw that philosophy around, but they forget others have jobs, school and other important things in their life. Some people probably even work (or contribute) in other F/OSS projects, and they just can't do everything.

Contributing to the F/OSS world is not always about code, it's also about ideas and discussion (and people usually forget that), and whenever I do that, I try to express it the better I can.

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