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RISC OS Castle have issued a new RISC OS 5 ROM for brave Iyonix users to beta test. Version 5.10 is mainly a bug fixing exercise, and coincides with a USB mass storage update that also corrects a few glitches. "It is intended that these updates will go in general circulation in a few days time, unless anything hugely untoward crops up. We have been running these for a while now," said Castle's John Ballance. This update also includes the updated GeForce 2 driver, bringing 3D acceleration to RISC OS.
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RE: Review
by flypig on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 20:46 UTC in reply to "Review"
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One of the difficulties with trying out RISC OS properly is that it's tied to the processor it was designed for (ARM processors specifically).

You can get old hardware very cheap (e.g. on eBay), and there is an emulator for Windows, but it's not as convenient as just booting off a CD.

Also, unless you pay money, in my opinion you won't get a comparable experience, I'm afraid. On paper RISC OS doesn't look too great, but in use it has a unique 'feel' to it.

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