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Privacy, Security, Encryption With the infamous PWN2OWN contest drawing ever closer, the heat is ramping up. This year's instalment pitches Apple's Safari (on the Mac), Google's Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, and Firefox (all on Windows 7) against one another, while also allowing crackers to take on mobile platforms. Last year's winner, Charlie Miller, who won by cracking Mac OS X within minutes last year, says Safari on the Mac will be the first to fall.
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Man, I don't want to be rude, but I'm no longer able to stand people like you who just google "OS X Address Space Randomization" and spit a link. I'm sure that you don't even know/understand what Address Space Randomization is.

This kind of comment can possibly wrongly inform readers like me who then assume, based on your comment, that OS X has Address Space Randomization.

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