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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Following in the footsteps of Apple and Google, Research in Motion is planning to open an online store for its popular Blackberry smartphone. The store, dubbed Blackberry App World, aims to be a "convenient location for BlackBerry owners to download 'games, social networks, personal productivity applications and so much more.'" App World will feature freeware apps along with for-pay apps. The pricing for applications will start at free then jump to $2.99 at the low end and $999.99 on the high end. At the moment Blackberry App World is only open to developers, but there is a sign up page for users who want to be notified of when App World goes live for the public.
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Nobody is forcing a developer to price an app at $999. I don't think there are any apps on the Apple App store either that is priced that high. That is just a limit that Apple & RIM figure is high enough to not limit expensive apps.

Secondly, if the application is linked to an account, if you lost your phone, you would just purchase a new one and download the app again for no additional cost.

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