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Google It's not very surprising as we've all speculated a full-fledged Google OS for years, then Google's mobile OS hit the phone market, and now we've seen it (Android, of course) already installed and working dutifully on netbooks. It's not rock-solid, but Google's CEO has hinted that there'll be subsidized, Android-powered netbooks backed by Google or its partners arriving to the netbook scene soon.
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It'll be failure
by kajaman on Sat 7th Mar 2009 18:30 UTC
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I can't see myself using android on netbook. It has some interesting design features, like concept of activities, that work great on phones with small screens but won't provide enough flexibility on netbooks.

Having screen as small as 10" is enough to run Ubuntu with either Gnome or Kde on top of it and enjoy actually having windows on screens.

Android works different way, which is why it'll fails on netbooks market.

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