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Google It's not very surprising as we've all speculated a full-fledged Google OS for years, then Google's mobile OS hit the phone market, and now we've seen it (Android, of course) already installed and working dutifully on netbooks. It's not rock-solid, but Google's CEO has hinted that there'll be subsidized, Android-powered netbooks backed by Google or its partners arriving to the netbook scene soon.
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RE[2]: No thanks
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 8th Mar 2009 04:40 UTC in reply to "RE: No thanks"
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Xandros shipped by default in EEE's is not far from "crappy niche OS", but luckily it's quite easy to replace w/ Ubuntu. I'd imagine Android will also be ejected quite rapidly by power users, unless the devices are locked down on hw level.

Ubuntu is quite nice, but it's pretty... well, heavy. Sure, daemons can be disabled, but I'm still not sure if after doing so it'd be as responsive as its parent. Debian is lighter by default, but what I'd like to try out some day when I get a netbook is Slackware or one of its derivatives. Netbooks typically don't have much power, and Slack-based distros tend to be some of the fastest and lightest around, so it sounds like it'd be the perfect match. ;)

Arch would be another good one, but I've never had much luck setting up a desktop Arch system, mostly due to the configuration. Has anyone installed the latest Arch? Is its auto-configuration any better? Maybe it's about time I try a new reinstall of the distro myself...

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