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Google It's not very surprising as we've all speculated a full-fledged Google OS for years, then Google's mobile OS hit the phone market, and now we've seen it (Android, of course) already installed and working dutifully on netbooks. It's not rock-solid, but Google's CEO has hinted that there'll be subsidized, Android-powered netbooks backed by Google or its partners arriving to the netbook scene soon.
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I really do not understand the thing about 'Linux with Gnome/KDE is slow on the netbook'. I have the eeepc 701 and I installed some eeepc tailored ubuntu distribution (forgot the name, maybe eeebuntu or something like that). It had XCFE, because everybody kept telling that was light, fast etc. After I tried Gnome, and I found no noticeable difference in speed (maybe a couple of seconds in boot), and after I tried KDE4. Again not much difference.

I run now KDE 4.2 and it is just fine. True that I have two gigs ram on that machine, but is like 30 euros more...

Android would be cool to play with, but honestly I do not want a stripped down OS on my netbook.
But I do not know if the Android for netbooks will be a different thing from what we see in the cell phones...

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