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Mac OS X This weekend, we learned that Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard operating system would have a minimal user interface for the QuickTime movie player. Thanks to AppleInsider, we now have more information on the new interface, and it seems like Apple is again - just as with the Safari 4 beta - using some radical interface ideas.
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RE: Efficient
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 10th Mar 2009 03:20 UTC in reply to "Efficient"
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Anyway, if they can make it not suck so much ass, perhaps people will stop going out of their way in order to avoid installing it in the first place: ...

I personally don't like how it puts itself in the system tray, and then puts itself back after I delete it with Startup Control Panel, and then trying to do a piggyback install of Safari whenever it runs the update app. And why the hell does it need an update app to begin with? That's on a level of suckage with Adobe, which is pretty pathetic to say the least. Why can't it be like Firefox, and just occassionally check for updates while it's running?

Just install QuickTime Alternative (the codecs, plus some alternative media players such as Media Player Classic) or QTLite (the same, but no players) and be done with it. I never did like QuickTime, especially thanks to all the crapware it installs with it (why the hell does freaking *media player*, of all things, need a startup service/system tray icon?), but unfortunately the .mov format it pretty often used to the point that it can't really be ignored.

I recall buying an older version, several years ago (version 4 or 5 something)... just to get fullscreen mode! If that wasn't enough, the next version came out, and I would have been forced to shell out more money for their player just to upgrade. Never sent another penny their way since, and these days I try to avoid the format as much as possible.

The Combined Community Codec Pack and QT Alternative/Lite were always two of the very first things to install on a new Windows installation.

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