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FreeBSD If you wanted to try FreeBSD but didn't have the right hardware, or enough time to make it useful on the desktop, VirtualBSD might fit the bill: it's a VMware appliance based on FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE and features the Xfce 4 Desktop Environment and a few of the most common applications to make it very functional right out of the box. If you're curious you can have a look at the screenshots, or proceed to the download page and grab the torrent file right away (note: VirtualBSD also works in VirtualBox 2.x as long as you create a new virtual machine and select the virtual disk from the archive instead of creating a new one).
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Right Hardware
by AndyM103 on Tue 10th Mar 2009 17:35 UTC
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As far as I knew FreeBSD was quite well supported on most hardware! The only reason I'm not running it now on my laptop is that I quite like graphical effects with an NVIDIA card and Ubuntu or Fedora run fine for me.

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