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Apple The usually already overactive Apple rumour mill has been spinning like crazy the past few days due to rumours about apple possibly entering the netbook market. The rumours are vague and not exactly definitive, but that doesn't mean mulling a possible apple netbook isn't interesting. If the Cupertino company built a netbook, what would it look like?
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Can we get real?
by jackeebleu on Wed 11th Mar 2009 00:39 UTC
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Who's really using netbooks? They have limited screen, kybrd, battery, proc, memory, etc. Know people say, "well they've hackintoshed some POS to run OS 10.5. Wouldn't it be cool to run a real Apple tablet or grown up Ipod Touch, running 10.6? Its made to be smaller, faster, more portable, etc, and taking power into consideration will change the way people think about netbooks. Just google "Apple patent tablet" and click images, you'll see your vaunted Mac tablet. And yes it'll be better than the POS youre using now.

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