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Apple The usually already overactive Apple rumour mill has been spinning like crazy the past few days due to rumours about apple possibly entering the netbook market. The rumours are vague and not exactly definitive, but that doesn't mean mulling a possible apple netbook isn't interesting. If the Cupertino company built a netbook, what would it look like?
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my view on an Apple netbook
by spinnekopje on Wed 11th Mar 2009 17:14 UTC
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Netbooks are supposed to be portable, but most of them have a short battery life. I hope that if Apple introduces a 'netbook' it will have an impressive battery life.
It should be a device you don't need to switch off anymore and only need to plug in the power cord once every couple of days (typical use).
I think the 1024x600 resolution is fine for such a device and processing power doesn't need to be more than other netbook.
Give it an Apple design and optionally a specific gui and it could convince me to buy one.

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