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Hardware, Embedded Systems To further prove that analysts' projections are just informed guesses, two major analyst firms just presented a completely different outlook on the netbook market and where it is going. Even though both project major growth, one of them sees a very bright future for non-Intel netbooks, while the other sticks with Atom.
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Actually, why just "in netbooks"?
by Zbigniew on Wed 11th Mar 2009 19:16 UTC
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I would like to buy a normal ATX-mobo with ARM. Why not? Silent, no need for fan neither for any special, expensive cooling system... and quite enough for Linux and/or any of xBSD.

(yes, I know: "Beagleboard" - but I want just normal, cheap ATX-board with ARM)

Or perhaps earlier the Chinese will release motherboard dedicated to their MIPS-compatible Loongson?

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