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Hardware, Embedded Systems To further prove that analysts' projections are just informed guesses, two major analyst firms just presented a completely different outlook on the netbook market and where it is going. Even though both project major growth, one of them sees a very bright future for non-Intel netbooks, while the other sticks with Atom.
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Just look at history
by ElCabri2 on Wed 11th Mar 2009 22:29 UTC
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There's never been a long term benefit of a different ISA (Instruction Set Architecture). Ever. Look at Apple's transition to Intel, look at the failure of Transmeta, look at the failure of Intel itself making IA-64 prevalent on workstations. Sooner or later, the dominant ISA prevails. The performance and feature advantages of the products using different ISA at a certain generation are ironed out two or three generations later. There's nothing that stops x86 and it's extensions from implementing any feature, any characteristic that you can think of, just as there is nothing that prevents the English language from expressing whatever idea or concept that you want, even if this idea or concept was originally formulated in another language.

All what these companies want is to make money for these two or three generations worth of 10-20% marketshare that they can get.

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