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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Ever wanted a simple, compact, small, yet usable and relatively full-featured operating system using a SunOS kernel with most of its utilities written in Ada? Whatever the answer, now you can. "AuroraUX is a SunOS-derived kernel and userland. The core of the project are its utilities written in Ada. Other, poorly implemented features have been fixed or rewritten, too. Ada was chosen over other languages because it sucks the least." At least they're honest.
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RE: Could be interesting
by pcummins on Thu 12th Mar 2009 13:33 UTC in reply to "Could be interesting"
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Could one write drivers or rewrite portions of the kernel in Ada?

Yes. The language supports systems programming (ie, native access to low level hardware and CPU features) and linking to other languages (notably C) as part of its recommended features in the RM annexes. In this sense, Ada as a language is much more suited to programming consistently at a high level than C for OS development if the compilers support the annexes out of the RM.

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