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Mac OS X Thanks to Ars Technica, we've got some Snow Leopard goodness for you. As always, Apple is quite secretive about its upcoming operating system, so even though test builds are released every now and then, information is scarce. An Ars reader has given some more insights into the latest Snow Leopard build, released on Friday.
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Did I say so?


Personally, "enter" means process, activate to me. Renaming with enter is just weird

It's about destructiveness. It's more important that files do not get lost. Merging makes sure that this does not happen - replace makes people lose files, and there is no "undo" feature, which makes it even less desirable.

Still it is not consequent. As I said: replace file X with Y and file X is gone. Same with a folder. File=object. Folder=object. Simple as that.
Both ways are therefore acceptable. They are just different. You prefer one way but claim it to be the right one. Thats ... stupid, sorry.

You can indeed move a file that's in use to the trash, but if you then try to delete it, it isn't possible.

Because it's in use. Do you expect magic to happen?

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