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Internet & Networking Following the EU investigation into Internet Explorer's inclusion in Windows, Microsoft made it possible to "turn off" Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7, by removing the executable and every mention of the browser from the system. According to Opera and Google, this is nice, but not enough.
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muddy waters
by raver31 on Thu 12th Mar 2009 18:41 UTC
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Once again Microsoft has muddied the waters, and most people around here missed the fact the IE is NOT removable, Microsoft has merely given the user the ability to "turn it off".

"Turning it off" and "uninstalling it completely" are two different things. In fact, when you read about the changes, Microsoft states that IE can be "re-installed" without a download or without installation media..... to me this sounds like ALL required files are there all the time, whether I want them there or not.

Now, a note to people who moan about Linux including a browser... clearly you have not tried a Linux, most come with a few different browsers, and ALL can be removed without problems. This cannot be done with IE.
Also, it is not LINUX but a variation, so do you want Firefox removed from Ubuntu, and Iceweasel from Debian, get a clue cabbages

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