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Internet & Networking Following the EU investigation into Internet Explorer's inclusion in Windows, Microsoft made it possible to "turn off" Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7, by removing the executable and every mention of the browser from the system. According to Opera and Google, this is nice, but not enough.
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RE: A logical thought
by raver31 on Thu 12th Mar 2009 19:01 UTC in reply to "A logical thought"
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There are too many variables in this mess. What if the user doesn't have an internet connection? What kind of royalties will the 'top' alternative browsers pay for space on the gold master (which will be outdated by the time they're installed)? Here's what I think, which I think would be logical;

Funniest thing I have read today.... If the user has no internet connection, why worry about the installed browser in the first place lol

I know what you meant by the rest of the post... but the first paragraph made me smile.

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