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Internet & Networking Following the EU investigation into Internet Explorer's inclusion in Windows, Microsoft made it possible to "turn off" Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7, by removing the executable and every mention of the browser from the system. According to Opera and Google, this is nice, but not enough.
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This is getting out of hand
by Nex6 on Thu 12th Mar 2009 19:44 UTC
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I think, this is getting out of hand. sure, on one hand MS did some bad not so nice stuff in the past. But , almost every company does stuff like that.

show, me a company, that does not want to make money.
so, contracts, and such are pretty common.

on this topic tho,
I think MS did fine, i mean with help systems, and such all using html, why not use a common engine? sure there should be security bounderys, its basic stuff

so, they enbled it to be removed, even tho trident the core engine might still be there . thats ok by me.

and, to be honest, i actually dont care, i use whatever broswer i want anyways. whats the big fraking deal?

notice the 2 broswers with the smallest share are the ones complaining. i used both, and i dont care for either one. so, why would they force me to try them and by legal means?

also notice that firefox did fine all on its own. which means, people are not as dumb as you would think they use what they like and whats best for them.



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