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Linux After two years, the relatively popular PCLinuxOS distribution has finally put out a new major release, imaginatively called PCLinuxOS 2009.1. PCLinuxOS is a release originally based on Mandrake (now Mandriva), but which has taken on a life of its own. The distribution has one selling point (for some, at least) few other popular distributions have: it eschews KDE4 (for now).
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by waynej on Fri 13th Mar 2009 08:18 UTC
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Compared to other distros, yes it was a very long time between releases but to be honest this whole upgrading / re-installing every 6 months is a pain in the arse.

I've been a PCLOS user for a long time now and this is one reason I wouldn't consider moving to other distros for that reason.

Tex and the Ripper gang were releasing updates to the core 2007 installation for a long time after release - some of the updates were quite substantial. I found this to be a far better release model - release an excellent, solid distro and update as required. I know some people will say that within Ubuntu, for example, one could update to the latest and greatest within synaptic, press and button and hey ho off we go - never (and I mean never) worked for me.

I have used a number of distros on and off - Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Elive, Knoppix, Mepis - PCLOS is, by a mile, the best for me.

Hardware detection: Perfect
Hardware configuration: Perfect
Speed: Excellent
Stability: Outstanding
Updating: Excellent
Artwork: Excellent

None of the other distrs come close, for me.

Note that these are for my situation. As sure as sh** is brown and sticky, there will be people who's experience will not be as good as mine, but this is the same with all distros.

I have played with KDE4 on another machine and I do really like it - I love the look and feel and operation of many parts - but for the reasons above I wouldn't move away from PCLOS just to use KDE4. I'd be losing more than I'd be gaining at this point in time.

Kudos to Tex and the Ripper gang. The best distro just got better.

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