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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Ever wanted a simple, compact, small, yet usable and relatively full-featured operating system using a SunOS kernel with most of its utilities written in Ada? Whatever the answer, now you can. "AuroraUX is a SunOS-derived kernel and userland. The core of the project are its utilities written in Ada. Other, poorly implemented features have been fixed or rewritten, too. Ada was chosen over other languages because it sucks the least." At least they're honest.
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RE[2]: who sucks!?
by pcummins on Fri 13th Mar 2009 09:06 UTC in reply to "RE: who sucks!?"
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Ada is a bit too verbose for my taste but I agree that it's a very good language, but it's not much used probably because at the beginning Ada's compilers cost an arm and a leg..

The chances of shooting yourself in the foot with Ada is significantly less than most other languages like C. Part of this is because of the strong typing and slightly more verbose language structures. It's aimed for reading more than writing, anyone who thinks using nifty shortcuts for writing code is cool unnecessarily obviously doesn't maintain code.

The compilers originally were very expensive as they were for very specialised systems (ie, custom made, embedded, etc) and they were also validated so bugs in the compiler were pretty rare, which is what the programmers were paying for. These days with GNAT the only real excuse is lack of ported headers from the predominantly C libraries to Ada.

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