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SkyOS At the end of January this year, I wrote a rather harsh, but honest article on the state of SkyOS. I was very worried that the closed-source operating system, for which users have to pay in order to beta test it, would never reach a final version, something that was promised to the people paying the price. This feeling was strengthened by a lack of updates; we were five months without news, six months without a release, and 8 months without a changelog update. My article got the ball rolling, but now that we're five weeks down the road, is that ball still rolling?
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RE[7]: payment or donation
by yahya on Fri 13th Mar 2009 10:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: payment or donation"
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That was only after Korz had announced that he ceases ZETA development and mulled about open-sourcing it.

As usual, you are wrong.

Nope, I am not. Read the link you have posted. It was the announcement that ZETA development would cease and Korz' public deliberations about open-sourcing it, which actually prompted the reaction by ACCESS, Inc. As long as development was still ongoing, they never made any public statement about it.

If you compare the ZETA and SkyOS cases, you obviously need an entry in my kill-file. LOL.

Your business. Please go ahead.

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