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General Development The Question: With the emergence of .NET, J2EE, Python, PHP, et. al, has Perl lost its niche as a scripting glue language? The Answer: Tim O'Reilly gives his two cents.
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by ecko on Wed 13th Jul 2005 14:08 UTC
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Seriously. How many of you have have come into a shop to find some nasty old Perl scripts hanging around that nobody wants to touch?

I think that's just the nature of scripts in general. I mean I've run into nasty scripts in every language. Especially quick and dirty stuff. Forget readability with anything that does a lot of text parsing with regular expressions. Trust me when you start banging out some really complex regex's nobody will be able to read them quickly.

The trick to developing well in any language is to document your code and document functions, parameters and. I even make a point of documenting limitations of the program/script so 5 years from now. Even messy code that's well documented is orders of magnitude easier to read than elegant code with no documentation. NO language is going to save you from that no matter how pretty.

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