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Humor Ok, so you just got a new laptop. You've been hearing about this whole "netbook" thing that's all the rage these days, and you wonder: am I cool? Do I have a netbook? You launch the internet (that blue E), and you ask Google "Do I have a netbook?" soon, you'll be swarmed by loads of terms that all seem to mean the same thing: a really small laptop. Enter The Register's netbook flowchart.
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by JPisini on Fri 13th Mar 2009 22:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Kroc"
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See to me I agree with everything you say but the price if it is over $300 then you are just buying a poorly designed laptop and not a netbook. These netbooks that are over $400 don't make any sense I can go on Ebay and buy a machine with 5x the power and a better screen for that price.

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