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SkyOS At the end of January this year, I wrote a rather harsh, but honest article on the state of SkyOS. I was very worried that the closed-source operating system, for which users have to pay in order to beta test it, would never reach a final version, something that was promised to the people paying the price. This feeling was strengthened by a lack of updates; we were five months without news, six months without a release, and 8 months without a changelog update. My article got the ball rolling, but now that we're five weeks down the road, is that ball still rolling?
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RE[9]: payment or donation
by yahya on Sat 14th Mar 2009 00:02 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: payment or donation"
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yahya, you have your opinion, and you're fully entitled to it. THis entitlement also includes the nice privilege ro receive opinions which do diverge from yours - ah, but I am sure I do not tell you something new, eh?

Not really. Not sure why you include this part. I did not threaten to put anyone into my killfile. That's what the other guy did.

For me this is a matter of perspective and relation to other stuff. 21 Euros as a "payment" to gain access to beta testing areas, and then claiming to be a paying "customer", that's a bold thing in my eyes. 21 Euros and you're screaming "BETRAYAL!"? geeez!

I don't think I have been "screaming" at any point during the discussion. I have not used the expression "betrayal" either, let alone in caps. I have written "failure to deliver", and this is hardly disputable the case (recalling that a stable release should have happened some time back in 2006)

You know what? Think about the words "Irrelevance" and "Insignificance". Maybe I 've picked the wrong words - english ain't my first language, so pls bear with me, if I show lingual incompetence.

(English isn't my first language either.) I haven't read any comment which would have specifically mourned the loss of 30 USD, so I cannot understand why you keep bringing this up.

Honestly - I do not think you're a candidate for the "kill list", but please reconsider this stubborn pov of "disgruntled customer" - it ain't worth the energy.

I am not a disgruntled customer, in fact I am not a customer of Robert's at all. I just point out that when you sell something, then it is not a donation. Well, even if you accept a donation you are typically bound by some rules. If it is designated for a specific purpose (e.g. buy new hardware) it has to be used for that or not at all. So even with donations you are not completely free.

But if use a completely different model and you try to sell software, this makes the issue principally different. At that point you do give people the right to demand something from you and to turn into disgruntled customers if you do not deliver. If you want to avoid that, then don't have customers in the first place. And I belive this would have been better. You cannot base a business on selling a niche PC OS. Remember Be, Inc and Yellowtab.

I'd say "duh" and let it pass.

LIfe's too short to waste it with shaking angry fists at any lad who's changed his focus of interest.

stay safe and no bad feelings.

I have no bad feelings towards this guy with whom I do not have any business and I am certainly not shaking angry fists towards anyone. I simply feel that this is another telling example of why relying on proprietary software is risky and should be avoided whereever possible.

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