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Humor Ok, so you just got a new laptop. You've been hearing about this whole "netbook" thing that's all the rage these days, and you wonder: am I cool? Do I have a netbook? You launch the internet (that blue E), and you ask Google "Do I have a netbook?" soon, you'll be swarmed by loads of terms that all seem to mean the same thing: a really small laptop. Enter The Register's netbook flowchart.
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by thebackwash on Sat 14th Mar 2009 01:35 UTC
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hey thom, "determine" is in fact an excellent choice of words, but it's very academic in my opinion. just out of curiousity, what word were you thinking of in dutch, if you were thinking in dutch?

EDIT: p.m. me or email me or whatever if you don't want to pollute the forum.

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