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OSNews, Generic OSes PolishLinux has an editorial on program installation on Linux systems, and even though it's a bit hard to wade through (the author's native language sure isn't English) it does make a number of very good points in favour of the way most Linux systems handle things. Still, as always in the discussion on program installation, it always feels a bit like listening to a discussion between a deaf and a blind man about whose condition is the easiest to live with.
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Comment by roger64
by roger64 on Mon 16th Mar 2009 11:35 UTC
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Ze article is perfectly written : the proof is in the understanding. I understood fully its language though at the same time I totally failed to do so for most of its fine technical points.

Please do not forget that the main international language is no more English but Globish and refrain in the future from such unproductive and discriminative comments.Here is a man who extends his hand to you and you despise his efforts. Come on, shame on you.

Last, the author used a "translator" to express his ideas. The only thing he could have probably done better would have been to use Google for this. It's such a wonderful tool. Don't you think so ?

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