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OSNews, Generic OSes PolishLinux has an editorial on program installation on Linux systems, and even though it's a bit hard to wade through (the author's native language sure isn't English) it does make a number of very good points in favour of the way most Linux systems handle things. Still, as always in the discussion on program installation, it always feels a bit like listening to a discussion between a deaf and a blind man about whose condition is the easiest to live with.
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by tom1 on Mon 16th Mar 2009 12:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Vanders"
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ZeroInstall is an interesting solution to the problem, and it's one we've looked at and earmarked for Syllable at some point in the future. However packaging Linux software for ZeroInstall could be seen as just as much hassle as packaging for say, Debian, so why should developers support it?

Developers want people to test developer versions (GIT checkouts, etc), so they need to tell people the dependencies somehow anyway. Zero Install lets you do that in a machine-readable way, which doesn't need to be harder than the alternative of writing a page of instructions.

Once you've got the dependency information in your code repository (where it belongs), actually releasing the package can be very easy. e.g. using 0release I just have to enter my GPG pass-phrase to sign the release and the archive gets exported from GIT, uploaded to the FTP server and the new release is added to the Zero Install feed (marked as "testing" so adventurous users will start using it first).

[ NB: I am the author of 0release ]

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