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AMD Recently, AMD spun off its manufacturing business in a partnership with the Abu Dhabi government into Global Foundries. Apparently, Intel isn't very happy about this, and has said in correspondence to AMD that the patent cross-license agreement from 2001 has now been broken by AMD.
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by poundsmack on Mon 16th Mar 2009 17:41 UTC
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This is pretty low Intel, you should know better than to waist your time on this. What do you hope to acomplish? You know that you can't get rid of AMD and to try and starve them out by a lengthy patent dispute seems highly unlikely. this is truely an epic waist of time and resources. you should focus more on the current EU anti trust issues you are facing.

Intel is trying ot burn a lot of bridges recently what with Nvidia and AMD. In this time of financial uncertantly it is better to have friends in the industry than to be the bully on the street.

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