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AMD Recently, AMD spun off its manufacturing business in a partnership with the Abu Dhabi government into Global Foundries. Apparently, Intel isn't very happy about this, and has said in correspondence to AMD that the patent cross-license agreement from 2001 has now been broken by AMD.
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RE[4]: What's Intel up to?
by sbergman27 on Mon 16th Mar 2009 19:06 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: What's Intel up to?"
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If that's the case, and as long as Intel doesn't get paid twice, and as long as the cost is the same, that at least sort of sounds reasonable. Otherwise, I'd say that the situation needs to be monitored by the office of the Attorney General and the EC. After years of Microsoft's antics, I don't have a lot of patience left over for any Intel shenanigans. But at least I can vote with my wallet, depending upon how it turns out.

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