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AMD Recently, AMD spun off its manufacturing business in a partnership with the Abu Dhabi government into Global Foundries. Apparently, Intel isn't very happy about this, and has said in correspondence to AMD that the patent cross-license agreement from 2001 has now been broken by AMD.
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Patents should be scrapped
by robinh on Mon 16th Mar 2009 21:51 UTC
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2 problems here:

1) The patents system is totally and utterly broken (particularly in the U.S).

2) Our capitalist system values money above all else.

Ergo, otherwise sane and intelligent people and companies turn in to one-dimensional greed machines (cough, SCO, cough). Why work hard and make something useful (like x86 chips, for example) when you can play the system and make money instead?

We need to trim the patent system heavily, and re-focus our society away from the mindless worship of money. I mean, look where this has got us all (A.I.G, anyone?)

p.s. Aren't we all glad the U.S has spent so much effort forcibly exporting this lovely system to whomever they fell needs it for so long?!

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