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Graphics, User Interfaces It's a bit of a slow newsday at the moment, so I figured we'd pass the time with something special. Let's take a look at some obscure and/or older user interfaces listed in ToastyTech's GUI gallery, and see if there are any interesting ideas that can be found in those old user interfaces that we would like to see in our modern user interfaces.
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wirtual desktops
by timon37 on Tue 17th Mar 2009 00:07 UTC
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personally i only use virtual desktops and manage anywhere between 9 and 24 windows without problems (i'm using e17). it goes more or less like this:
2 physical screens each has 12 virtual desks.
on the left screen:
desk0: kadu, jabber, other IMs
desk1: irc
desk2: 2 or 3 terminals for kernel compilation
desk3: 4 terminals for application compilation
desk4: konqueror for project files management and online documentation
desk5+: other documentation (usually pdfs) and anything else
desk9-10: amule, rtorrent
desk11: root console for whatever
sticky: kadu chat window (when not used it's shaded and doesn't interfere)

right screen:
desk0: firefox with news/email/and any commonly visited sites
desk1: amarok
desk2: kernel source code
desk3: application source code
desk4: less often used konqueror
desk5+: anything
desk9-10: amule, rtorrent, anything
desk11: usually porthole/synaptic
sticky: gcalctool or other calc (also shaded when not used)

this way i always know where anything is, i never close any windows because they do not interfere with whatever i'm doing on another desk, also it let's you easily group windows together (like the consoles) it let's me switch between "docs on one screen code on the other" to "irc on one code on the other" with 1 simple click or scroll. moving windows between desks/screens is a matter of drag and drop on the pager.

on the other hand if you don't have a few common apps that you always want running, and you tend to open/close windows a lot, a standard taskbar might be better.

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