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AMD Recently, AMD spun off its manufacturing business in a partnership with the Abu Dhabi government into Global Foundries. Apparently, Intel isn't very happy about this, and has said in correspondence to AMD that the patent cross-license agreement from 2001 has now been broken by AMD.
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What are the patents relating to?
by kaiwai on Tue 17th Mar 2009 04:15 UTC
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That is the biggest question I want to know; I'm sure there are some generic patents relating to SSE, MMX, and other technologies but I am also sure that it will also include manufacturing processes which have been licensed from Intel. If AMD are going to spin off the manufacturing arm with the eventual result being AMD becomes totally fabless then the question will be relating to the transference of intellectual property pertaining to fabrication from AMD to that said third party. Due to the nature of transferring and whom the original contract was between - Intel has to approve whether the third party have access to those said patents.

Given that AMD is no strategic threat I'd say they are going to have two separate contracts, one for AMD and one for this new entity and life will go back to normal. Too bad journalists are trying to turn this mole hill into a mountain by trying to claim there is something more than just the average business transaction that occurs everyday around the globe.

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