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AMD Recently, AMD spun off its manufacturing business in a partnership with the Abu Dhabi government into Global Foundries. Apparently, Intel isn't very happy about this, and has said in correspondence to AMD that the patent cross-license agreement from 2001 has now been broken by AMD.
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RE[4]: Patents should be scrapped
by Treza on Tue 17th Mar 2009 12:27 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Patents should be scrapped"
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Developped also by Gaisler Research, open source GPL version available (LEON3), in some of the satellites flying over your head.

The traditional (32bits) version is expected to be free by now, the awful unaligned accesses patent is no relevant anymore.
There is also the Chineese Loongson, MIPS 64bits, 4 way superscalar (officially licenced from MIPS Tech. by ST for uses outside of China, AFAIK)

Itanium :
Not hard to code ? Really ? Grouping the instructions by 3, using 41bits opcodes, and taking care of dependancies ? I've seen many DSPs more easily manageable than that.

If the many core architecture goes mainstream, with software able to use it, then the x86 may have some contenders, beyond the GPU with many parallel pipes.

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