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Windows "Over the weekend, I put Windows 7 build 7000 on my desktop and Windows 7 build 7057 on my laptop, and went through trying to spot as many changes between the two as I could. Although I go deeper than I did with build 7048, this is still not a comprehensive list. There is almost three months difference between the two builds: the beta was compiled on December 12, 2008, at 2:00pm and the leaked build 7057 was compiled on March 5, 2009, at 8:00pm, so there's a lot of work to cover. This post is about tracking every noticeable visual change; although I do mention some fixes here and there, I'm mainly focusing on tweaks that are "tangible" as opposed to the thousands of bugs that have been fixed."
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Microsoft still has no taste...sigh
by tomchr on Tue 17th Mar 2009 21:26 UTC
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Microsoft's choice of colors, the aurora theme, vista start orb etc. has always sucked. They should really look into getting some GUI input from an external design firm, since Microsoft obviously lacks taste in the GUI style department.

GUI should be: minimalistic, matte, efficient, ergonomic.

However, if Microsoft continues their current design trend, then we have: bubblegum, pinball machine, rainbow colored, lollypop, clownish, ostentatiously shiny, bling bling.

How about Microsoft steps up to the plate and for once tries to at least deliver something with similar quality in appearance to what Mac OSX has provided for some time now..

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