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In the News In a move that would certainly shake up the computer industry quite a bit, IBM is reportedly in talks with Sun Microsystems about the possibility of IBM acquiring Sun. Sun is going through hard times at the moment, and has been actively looking for someone to be acquired by.
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RE[2]: Will OpenSolaris survive?
by segedunum on Wed 18th Mar 2009 14:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Will OpenSolaris survive?"
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I don't think they will kill it either. If they wanted to kill something they would kill AIX and replace it with Solaris.

That's wishful thinking really. AIX is only around for historical reasons at IBM, and all of the new stuff is simply being put into Linux. There is really no sense at all in keeping Solaris going. It's very expensive to keep your own whole OS going these days without cost sharing, even for IBM and Sun.

IBM will do what Sun should have done years ago if this actually materialises - start progressively ditching Solaris, and AIX fully, and share the costs by using Linux. It's also what Novell should have done with Netware, but haven't, and they will go the same way.

What would they win by buying something to kill it? Solaris is one of the best products out there.

Wishful thinking. IBM is not interested in acquiring technology that, quite frankly, isn't that brilliant and that people have been gradually moving from for the past ten years. They're only interested in acquiring a customer base for a knock-down price.

I don't think IBM executives are idiots, they probably know full well the value of Solaris.

There is no value to Solaris and hasn't been for some time, other than cannibalising some code that might prove useful elsewhere. ZFS is the only thing that springs to mind really.

In my opinion, that would be a Good Thing for IBM, a Good Thing for Sun and a Good Thing for the world.

The reason why this is being talked about is because Sun have been stupid for the past ten years, won't change their ways and without a takeover they will go bankrupt in the not-too-distant future because their cost-base is too high and they can't fire any more people. I wouldn't paint this as a good thing for Sun at all. It's abject failure.

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