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In the News In a move that would certainly shake up the computer industry quite a bit, IBM is reportedly in talks with Sun Microsystems about the possibility of IBM acquiring Sun. Sun is going through hard times at the moment, and has been actively looking for someone to be acquired by.
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RE: a terrible thing
by JeffS on Wed 18th Mar 2009 15:05 UTC in reply to "a terrible thing"
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IBM would

- kill Solaris for sake of crappy aix
- kill Sun Java for sake of crappy ibm java
- kill netbeans for sake of eclipse or ratıonal crap
- kill glassfish for sake of bloated pig called Websphere
- kill servers (chaper)
- kill mysql for sake of db2

This is my fear, too - especially Netbeans and Glassfish, both of which are vastly superior to IBM's current offerings. Over the last year or so, Netbeans has seriously leapfrogged ahead of Eclipse. And Glassfish is quite nice, too. And practically anything is better than Websphere. Heck, a steaming pile of dung is better than Websphere. I've done other Java devs who have sworn to never take a contract that uses Websphere, ever again. The thing is a nightmare.

And oh yeah, both Swing and JavaFX will suffer bit rot, as IBM is the creator and principle maintainer of SWT.

All in all, I'd rather Sun got to HP, Dell, or Fujitsu.

I am in favor of Sun getting acquired. I just have serious doubts about Sun surviving long term on it's own. And being the owners/maintainers of Java, Sun getting acquired would be a good thing.

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