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In the News In a move that would certainly shake up the computer industry quite a bit, IBM is reportedly in talks with Sun Microsystems about the possibility of IBM acquiring Sun. Sun is going through hard times at the moment, and has been actively looking for someone to be acquired by.
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by segedunum on Wed 18th Mar 2009 16:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by mpxlbs"
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Joke of the year.

Discussion and reasoning were never your strong points ;-).

I've been using VMware Workstation as well as various other VMware products using the same codebase, and it is a pretty large bloated mess. You only need to look at how much larger the installer is compared with VirtualBox to see how much of a 'joke' it is. VirtualBox also has a far better desktop console that, lo and behold, actually works well cross-platform whereas VMware are ditching theirs in favour of a woeful web interface. It gets more woeful every time I use it now. Oh, and VirtualBox is free.

VMware is living on borrowed time. The joke's on them unless they do something.

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