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Apple Apple held an event today announcing some of the new features coming in iPhone OS v3. Thee were loads and loads of new features, but the big ones are cut/copy/paste functionality, push notifications (I guess most developers will believe it when they finally see it), spotlight search, and many others.
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by fonebone on Wed 18th Mar 2009 19:01 UTC in reply to "RE: :tenbux:"
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That's just Apple fanboy speak: Blame the government for Apple's over zealous charging. As if Apple is known for giving away stuff cheaply. Why don't Microsoft then charge for service packs?

If you actually bother to read the link you provided you might see there's nothing of the sorts in the act.

The act only tightens accounting standards (which is a schlep for companies), so if Apple is blaming the law, then it only means Apple used to get away with something unethical before.

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