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In the News In a move that would certainly shake up the computer industry quite a bit, IBM is reportedly in talks with Sun Microsystems about the possibility of IBM acquiring Sun. Sun is going through hard times at the moment, and has been actively looking for someone to be acquired by.
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RE[4]: Solaris is dead.
by Windows Sucks on Thu 19th Mar 2009 00:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Solaris is dead. "
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[q]What has that go to to do with the price of fish? The problem with Solaris isn't the lack of technology, it is the lack of leadership within Sun to bring all the products together in a cohensive offering to customers so that a solution can work out of the box rather than having to spend thousands on assembling the individual componens oneself.

There is a reason why Windows has made a jump in marketshare on the server - people want turnkey solutions and Sun is still stuck in the day when the likes of SCO were charging extra on their products for the TCP/IP stack, UFS support and individual components. Customers don't want that, they want an out of the box turn key solution.

Windows marketshare on the server is only large for workgroup serving. They took out Novell and Banyan for that market. Not any Unix or Linux products. Super computing is Linux, Webhosting is Linux, Email hosting is Linux, a lot of home and office networking is Linux.

Yes Open Solaris has a much bigger HAL then Solaris proper, Linux can be ported quickly to almost anything you throw at it.

I didn't mean HAL, I meant HCL That was a typo.

Also I didn't say that Solaris was not good. What I said was the Linux was more flexible.. Meaning you can do more with it, you can use it on more hardware, the license is more flexible etc. Companies want that, companies like that, which is why Red Hat is killing Sun. Oh and lets talk about some other stuff that actually does suck with Solaris! The compiler!!! Sucks. The way you patch and install software in Solaris sucks!! (Which is why they had to get Linux guys to come on and show them how to try and make solaris more Linux like) the OS install process SUCKS!

Oh and lets look at BSD. Why did BSD not take off like Linux? It was around before Linux (Like Solaris) Because still BSD is just not as flexible nor is the license. People always say "The BSD is better, the license is better" Yeah the license is better for companies like MS to come along and steal code and ideas and not give 1 line of code back! (Which happened)

Oh and I am not a Johnny come lately Linux or other OS fan boy. I am a a LONG time Linux user that was using Linux when Metro X was the config tool. When Caldera was cool and Banyan was the number one workgroup server environment. So I was around when Linux got popular, I helped it get there by replacing Windows servers, Unix servers and Novell servers for my customers with Linux. And I said months ago that Sun was done, Solaris was done. When a company like Red Hat makes less then half the money you do but has close to the market cap, there is a MAJOR problem.

Any way if IBM buys Sun, Solaris will be dead. Might want to get on the Linux bandwagon while we are still accepting members. LOL!

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