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Gnome The GNOME team has released GNOME 2.26, the latest release in the 2.x release branch. As everyone knows, GNOME is a multi-platform open source desktop environment. The 2.26 release continues GNOME's policy of incremental updates to a stable base, and as such, it comes packed with a boatload of new features.
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RE[2]: Great Release!
by tyrione on Thu 19th Mar 2009 01:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Great Release!"
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"Well, no wonder all major distros ship it as the default desktop.

The top ranking distributions, according to Distrowatch by page hits:

1 Ubuntu 2339 - GNOME is default
2 openSUSE 1683 - KDE/GNOME equal
3 Mint 1524 - GNOME is default, but KDE4 version is in work
4 Fedora 1369 - KDE/GNOME equal
5 Debian 1258 - KDE/GNOME equal
6 Mandriva 1042 - KDE is default
7 PCLinuxOS 1009 - KDE is default
8 MEPIS 689 - KDE is default
9 Puppy 666 - JWM is default
10 CentOS 654 - KDE/GNOME equal??
11 Sabayon 628 - KDE is default
12 Arch 595 - GNOME is default

Sorry ... no soup for you.

GDM is the default in Debian. GNOME is the default login. You have to dpkg-reconfigure kdm and set KDE as the default, after you've installed Debian.

So, yes, GNOME is default in Debian.

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