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Gnome The GNOME team has released GNOME 2.26, the latest release in the 2.x release branch. As everyone knows, GNOME is a multi-platform open source desktop environment. The 2.26 release continues GNOME's policy of incremental updates to a stable base, and as such, it comes packed with a boatload of new features.
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RE[2]: Great Release!
by kaiwai on Thu 19th Mar 2009 02:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Great Release!"
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"Well, no wonder all major distros ship it as the default desktop.

The top ranking distributions, according to Distrowatch by page hits:

1 Ubuntu 2339 - GNOME is default
2 openSUSE 1683 - KDE/GNOME equal
3 Mint 1524 - GNOME is default, but KDE4 version is in work
4 Fedora 1369 - KDE/GNOME equal
5 Debian 1258 - KDE/GNOME equal
6 Mandriva 1042 - KDE is default
7 PCLinuxOS 1009 - KDE is default
8 MEPIS 689 - KDE is default
9 Puppy 666 - JWM is default
10 CentOS 654 - KDE/GNOME equal??
11 Sabayon 628 - KDE is default
12 Arch 595 - GNOME is default

Sorry ... no soup for you.

Do you even know what default means? it means that if you do a default install of the said operating system - what have they setup as the default desktop to install. Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Mint and Fedora all default to GNOME by default; if you went 'next, next, next, next', you'll find that GNOME is installed by default.

As for who is default; it doesn't matter because quite frankly the choice of desktops is an individual choice and the number of distro's tell me more about the distribution communities preferences than any sort of declaration being made on which is superior.

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