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Hardware, Embedded Systems I'm not often wowed by a computer's design, probably because most of them appear to be designed by people with no sense of style and class whatsoever. The only (relatively) recent examples of decent design that I personally find to have a "wow factor" are Apple's MacBook Air and the PowerMac Cube from the same company. Yesterday, however, I was wowed again by a product from a company you wouldn't expect it from: Dell.
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by andrewg on Thu 19th Mar 2009 05:07 UTC in reply to "Comment by Hakime"
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No it is not really thinner than a Macbook Air, because the Macbook Air thickness is not constant. The Adamo is 0.65 inch thick, the MacBook Air is 0.16-0.76 inch thick. Overall, the MBA is therefore thinner.

Claiming its not thinner because the EDGE is only 0.16 inch thin is silly. The Air tapers in the space of an inch to 0.76 inches. For all purposes its .76 inches. The taper is just there to create the illusion of incredible thinness.

If you compare the taper say on a Dell XPS 13 you will see that it has a constant taper that runs the length of the notebook.

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