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Microsoft "As expected, Silverlight 3 was announced today at MIX09, this year's iteration of Microsoft's annual conference for web developers, designers, and enthusiasts. While the keynote that just finished was full of little announcements that were handed out faster than the audience could swallow them, the one that stood out the most was the third iteration of Microsoft's Flash alternative, Silverlight. Links for the first and last beta of Silverlight 3, and the many development tools surrounding it, went live earlier today."
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Unfortunately there are many companies that care only about Windows as a target platform.

For example many web sites do use IE specific features or even ActiveX on this day and age.

These are exactly the type of companies that will use Silverlight with disregard for whatever else might exist out there as a desktop platform.

Even open source friendly companies like Id Software and Google release their products on Windows, and eventually on another platforms.

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