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Linux According to a Novel-sponsored IDC survey, Linux seems to be gaining popularity among businesses implementing servers, and it has a bright outlook for both server and desktop installations in the coming future. On the other hand, netbooks have seen less and less default OEM installations of Linux. Windows now has over 90 percent of netbook sales, quashing any hopes of an open source revolution in the form of netbooks. Android, however, may be able to change things.
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by akrosdbay on Fri 20th Mar 2009 03:03 UTC in reply to "Comment by merkoth"
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The netbook situation doesn't surprise me at all. Heck, I'm a full time Linux user and I'd gladly buy a Windows netbook just to get better hardware. Moreover, the distros they usually ship with these devices are so ugly and ankward most Linux users wouldn't even touch them...

It's a real shame, netboks were perfect for Linux.

I had the opposite experience. You can't buy a windows xp netbook with 2GB RAM. The hardware specs for XP netbooks even mention that the hardware supports a max of 1GB even though it can support 2GB.

Take the HP mini note ME for instance that is the only HP netbook with 2GB RAM.

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