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Privacy, Security, Encryption Fresh from winning the PWN2OWN contest yesterday, Charlie Miller has been interviewed by ZDNet. He talks about how Mac OS X is a very simple operating system to exploit due to the lack of any form of anti-exploit features. He also explains that the underlying operating system is much more important in creating a successful exploit than the bowser, why Chrome is so hard to hack, and many other things.
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axe to grind with Apple? Did they refuse to give he a free laptop or something? BSD had these security features first. BSD is the most secure OS. Apple, in the real world, still is the most secure desktop.

Unbelievable. Here is an interview with a guy who is most definitely a better programmer than pretty much anyone on OSNews, who has been doing this longer than any of us. In this interview he says "OSX is unsecure, there are almost no hurdles to jump through to take control of a system" and you say that Apple has the most secure desktop. Are you really that delusional?

At least the Windows folks can admit that it's got security issues. Apple fanboys are a rare breed, and for them to make claims like the one above is just flat out ignorance.

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