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Linux The Netfilter development team's Patrick McHardy has released an alpha version of nftables, a new firewall implementation for the Linux kernel, with a user space tool for controlling the firewall. nftables introduces a fundamental distinction between the user space defined rules and network objects in the kernel: the kernel component works with generic data such as IP addresses, ports and protocols and provides some generic operations for comparing the values of a packet with constants or for discarding a packet.
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RE: application-based filtering
by RenatoRam on Sat 21st Mar 2009 00:47 UTC in reply to "application-based filtering"
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I believe what you suggest is actually not a "firewall" at all, but more in the ballpark of Mandatory Access Control, and it's been in linux for quite some time (and it does much more than that): take a look at SELinux.

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